Twiss Canyon

Location: Ingleton Time Taken: 5-6 hours (from meeting to leaving) Price: £100 (per person)
What’s involved?
A canyoning style descent of the Falls of the River Twiss on the waterfalls walk at Ingleton – This is a very aquatic outing that involves sliding, jumping and lowering yourself (abseiling) down waterfalls. 
Who is it for?
No previous experience required. This version is for adults only. All that is needed is a realistic level of fitness, no fear of being fully submerged in water and an adventurous nature. Only the higher jumps are avoidable without affecting your experience, if you avoid anything else you will be basically walking along the path watching. This really isn’t a good option for those who do not like water or getting their face wet.

The location:


Twiss Canyon is located in North Yorkshire from a village called Ingleton. The falls are found on the River Twiss. This river runs through the impressive Kingsdale Valley and is found on the popular “waterfalls walk”. The start point of the canyon is accessed via a 20 minute moderately flat walk from the parking spot. This location has no changing facilities. Changing will take place behind a screen.

Whats involved?

It is a great canyoning experience that involves descending the canyon known as Twiss Canyon. Firstly you will be taught how to abseil in a safe environment and instruction will be given on how to use all of the canyoning hardwear. We will then descend the canyon together as a team. There are a variety of challenges you will encounter along the way such as – sliding, jumping and abseiling down some great waterfalls.


The nature of the canyon:

It is a very aquatic outing that takes place in and around both fast flowing and deep water. The canyon can and will be ran in times of moderately higher water levels (group dependant), however there is a fine line between “exciting” and it being “dangerous” – this is due to the river having a huge catchment area. Basically all of the caves in the Kingsdale Valley feed into this river and in high water it becomes very dangerous to enter.  When the water level is high the canyon can be very fierce – however, we will make the right decision of whether or not to run your session.

A positive thing about the canyon being “river-like” rather than “stream-like” is that it doesn’t run dry/low in prolonged spells of warm dry weather that we tend to get during May/June.

Who does it suit?

This shouldn’t be your first experience in the outdoors or in water. It will be better enjoyed if you have done some form of canyoning/ghyll scrambling before. It is also very useful if you have abseiled at some point in the past. The canyon is for adults only as it is quite full-on with lots of stuff to learn.

You must be confident in water as this is a very aquatic outing. All participants must be ok with getting fully submerged in/being around both fast flowing and deep water. The ability to swim is essential.

A realistic level of fitness is required for this as it is a physically demanding activity. The jumps carry the highest risk and therefore can be avoided for those who do not wish to jump.

What’s provided:

  • Full wetsuit (3-5mm)
  • Additional wetsuit jacket (3-4mm)
  • Helmet
  • Canyoning harness & cowstails
  • All canyoning equipment & guide
  • Medical kit with a dry storage container for personal medication

What to bring:

  • Old trainers – no wellies, sandals, crocs or slip-on type shoes
  • Socks
  • Swimming costume/trunks/underwear
  • Old shorts for over the wetsuit (no shorter than mid-thigh)
  • Rash vest/base layer/gym t-shirt (not cotton – its cold when wet)
  • A few snacks and some water

Please ensure you bring the old shorts for over the top of the wetsuit. Failure to do so will result in not taking part in the activity.

Typical timeslots 

  • 9-3

We try to time our sessions so we experience the canyon at its quietest times during the day.


How long will it last?

The activity will last no more than 6 hours from the point we meet to the point we say goodbye. The exact time depends on group size, the confidence and ability as well as the fitness of the participants and also the water conditions.

What time of year?

We start the season in March and end it in October. Please be aware that the sessions go ahead even if it is cold, windy, raining to a point. Please have this in mind if you book for the colder months as there is more chance of poor weather and you need to be up for it.

So to reinforce the point further – please expect for the canyoning to go ahead even in poor weather and if you are not keen on this idea then don’t book. The only time we cancel this activity is if the conditions make the activity unsafe – and this decision is made by the instructor and is usually due to dangerously high water levels.

Meeting location:

The meeting point is Ingleborough Community Centre Village Car Park, Main Street, Ingleton, North Yorkshire, LA6 3HG. This is just the meeting location. We will then drive in convoy to another location with free parking – closer to the canyon.


  • Free parking (limited)
  • You will learn the basics of canyoning
  • Very aquatic canyon with a nice mixture of jumps, slides and abseils down waterfalls
  • Jumps can be avoided
  • Good for spectators
  • Near plenty of coffee shops, pubs and shops
  • Easy to find


  • No toilet or changing area where we park (we use screens to change)
  • Not suitable for people that do not like to get fully submerged in water
  • Not suitable for non swimmers
  • Not suitable for under 18’s
  • Limited free parking

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