The Lake District is a very popular location year round. If you are visiting during the winter period then why not come out for an adventure with us and make your stay one to remember.

We are offering two activities during the winter period. These activities are Ghyll Scrambling and Abseiling. You can do both activities on the same day if you are up for a challenge.

Is it not too cold in Winter?

Abseiling is an activity that is unaffected by the weather really. All you have to do is bring warm and waterproof clothing to ensure you dress to suit the weather conditions.

Ghyll scrambling is historically a seasonal activity of March to October, however we have invested massively in the very best wetsuits money can buy. They are extremely high quality, warm and thick. No other company in the UK can beat us on the wetsuit front and only a couple could match us. No-one else in the Lake District has kit as warm as us. This is because not only do you get a 10mm wetsuit, but it is made of high quality neoprene (the best). But that is not all you get, you will also be given a 5mm wetsuit hood, 6mm wetsuit socks and 4mm wetsuit gloves. A windproof layer will also be added if it is windy and raining. A buoyancy aid will further add to your warmth and of course a helmet and harness will be issued. We really are trying to change perceptions here at Crags Adventures by ensuring that ghyll scrambling can be enjoyed (not endured) all year round.

Why choose us?

We have been rated No.1 on TripAdvisor and have been since our 1st year of operating. We offer fun and exciting outdoor activities and give you the very best equipment. We will take pictures and post them on Facebook free of charge the same day. These facts combined will make your winter adventure a “one to remember”.

Our winter locations:

Our winter locations are based in the South of the Lake District National Park in Langdale and Little Langdale. These are handy locations if you are staying anywhere near places like Grasmere, Windermere, Bowness, Coniston, Ambleside, Staveley etc.

Our winter activities:

We are offering Ghyll Scrambling and/or Abseiling. Its great to make a day of it and do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Click on the page links below to further learn about and to view each activity……….

Ghyll Scrambling

Ghyll Scrambling

This is by far the most popular activity and its easy to see why. There is seriously nothing more fun than climbing waterfalls and jumping into beautiful pools of fresh, clear mountain fed water. Its a great way to clear the head.

Stickle Ghyll 

This ghyll is located in Langdale and has fantastic views. It involves ascending the gorge climbing waterfalls. There are also a few small jumps. This location is the least aquatic of the ghyll scrambles in normal conditions.Suitable for most group sizes and abilities.

Stickle Ghyll – View Page



Another very popular activity is abseiling. This is a great activity and one that will get your heart racing. You will lower yourself on a rope down a 120ft cliff face with a safety line attached as a back-up. This is a big adrenaline rush and never fails to impress. Great if you have no-one that is absolutely terrified of heights.

Hodge Close Quarry

The location is Hodge Close Quarry in Little Langdale. This is a huge disused slate quarry. You will need to get to the venue in either a car or a taxi as it is not feasible to get here on a bus or on foot.

Abseiling – View Page

Its great combine the activities doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Who does it suit?

These activities are adults only and suitable for most. No prior experience is needed. All that is needed is a moderate level of fitness and an “up for it” attitude as it will be cold in the car park – making it mentally hard to get out of warm clothes and into the wetsuit. Please just be realistic when choosing the activity/activities ensuring it will be suitable for the whole group in terms of activity length/fitness level/ability/fear factor.

We aim to ensure that everyone from the bravest to the most timid feels they have adequately challenged themselves and that some serious fun has been had.

What’s provided:

  • All activity specialist equipment & guide(s)
  • An activity provider rated No.1 on TripAdvisor (since year 1)
  • The highest quality winter equipment (we can’t be beaten on wetsuit thickness/warmth when ghyll scrambling)
  • Medical kit with a dry storage container for personal medication
  • A mass of experience and expertise

What’s NOT provided:

  • Your “up for it” attitude – you have to bring this yourself
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Personal footwear for use during the activities
  • Change of clothing/towel (for ghyll scrambling/canyoning)
  • Swimming costume/trunks/boxer shorts to wear under the wetsuit (for ghyll scrambling/canyoning)
  • Rash vest/base layer to wear under the wetsuit(for ghyll scrambling/canyoning)
  • Old shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh) or leggings to wear over the wetsuit to help protect it (for ghyll scrambling/canyoning)
  • Warm and waterproof clothing (to wear on all activities except ghyll scrambling)
  • Any personal medication

Typical timeslots

  • 9.30-12.30 (single activity)
  • 12.30-3.30 (single activity)
  • 9.30-3.30 (dual activity)

We try to time our sessions so we miss the other companies to ensure the best experience is had.

How long will the activities last?

Half day activities will last no more than 3 hours from the point we meet to the point we say goodbye. Full day activities will last no longer than 6 hours. The exact time depends on group size, the confidence and ability as well as the fitness of the participants and also the water conditions.

What if the weather is poor?

Please be aware that the sessions go ahead even if it is cold, windy and/or raining. Please have this in mind if you book for the wetter months as there is more chance of poor weather and you need to be up for it.

So to reinforce the point further – please expect for the activities to go ahead even in poor weather and if you are not keen on this idea then don’t book. The only time we cancel this activity is if the conditions make the activity unsafe – and this decision is made by the instructor and is rare at this location but if it happens it will be due to dangerously high water levels or overhead lightning.

Meeting locations:

Exact meeting details will be given at the time of booking. You will need to get to us in your cars or arrange transport.


  • Great fun activities
  • Can suit most abilities
  • Can cater for most group sizes
  • Best kit
  • No.1 on TripAdvisor


  • Doesn’t suit everyone
  • You need to arrange transport and accommodation
  • Maximum group size limit

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