A Crags Wedding!

On the 18th April at 4pm I (Craig McMahon) wed my soul mate and partner in crime (Vickie Neilson).


The day began by heading to Shepherds Crag at Borrowdale for a very damp solo of ‘Little Chamonix’ followed by breakfast in the cafe below the crag.

The solo went without hiccup and the final pitch was amazing. The descent was treacherous because of all the rain lately and it was more of a ghyll scramble. It certainly woke me up.

After walking the dog and having a secret pint with Lee and Ellis in the local pub we headed to the venue. I was very politely asked to leave as I entered the venue because I turned up in my climbing gear with chalk all over me and they presumed I was just a stray from the street.

“There’s a private wedding on boys”

“I know, Im the groom”

“Your wedding is in 50 minutes”

“Exactly…….. loads of time to get ready. Three pints please”

Probably not the type of customer they usually get. Clive my best man arrived and joined us for a pint. I got ready with time left to spare and had my meeting with the registrar.

I think it could of been possible for an outsider to mistake my laid back approach as not caring but I couldn’t see what there was to be nervous about too be honest. In my mind I was about to be married to my soul mate and I had no doubt I was doing the right thing.

The ceremony was fantastic (apart from the music not working) and Vickie looked amazing. I am a very lucky man indeed.  I am so thankful for the effort people went to in order to be present at our wedding, with friends coming from as far away as Italy.

A big thank you from Mr and Mrs “Mahoon” to everyone who came, everyone who helped out and to Katie Simpson Hair for making my wife, her daughters and my sister look incredible, to my mam for doing a great job of the cakes, Clive for being best man and to Pete Lashley Music for playing the best gig ever.

I would also like to thank Cliff Lowther for going to the effort of buying a new suit especially for the wedding (from The British Heart Foundation at Penrith on the way to the wedding as he left his at home) – CLASSIC!!!!

I know everyone say’s this but it was seriously the best day of my life. Thank you Vickie for doing me the honour of becoming my wife.

Here’s to the rest of our life together and our adventures!

I love you Mrs McMahon xxxxxx

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