Esk Ghyll – ‘The BIG One’



Time Taken:

5-6 hrs 


Advanced (suitable for fit & confident adults only)

 The location:

IMGP0565Esk Ghyll is located in the South Lakes in the Esk Valley. It’s a very remote location accessed by hardknott pass. To successfully drive along the pass you must be a confident driver! Its winding roads are very steep and tight!

The gorge is truly stunning and the views are the best the Lake District has to offer.  Esk Ghyll pours its way down the flanks of Englands highest peak and requires a good level of fitness to just reach it.

This location is remote and has no toilets or changing facilities. Changing will take place behind dry stone walls after the 45 minute walk-in.


Whats involved?

The walk-in will take around 45 mins and each person will be required to brink a rucksack to carry a wetsuit, cag, buoyancy aid, footwear, towel etc as well as any personal equipment and any food or drink. The effort required to reach the ghyll is more than worth it. This ghyll scramble really is the best of the best.

This ghyll scramble involves ascending the gorge known as ‘Esk Ghyll’ involving jumps, swimming and climbing waterfalls. We call it ‘The Big One’ and it really does live up to its name – some of the jumps are MASSIVE and its located on Englands highest mountain! 

Once we reach the ghyll everyone will have a snack and get changed behind drystone walls. Once changed we leave the bags behind a wall so leave your valuables at home or in the car. We will then enter the ghyll to experience EPIC jumps in an EPIC location and we will have EPIC amounts of fun.


The scramble is a wet one with lots of jumping and swimming through deep pools of water so make sure you are up for it.  This ghyll can be enjoyed in minor flood conditions making it a ‘safe bet’ in unsettled weather. All of the obstacles can be avoided should you not want to take part in any of the challenges that do not suit you. If jumping isn’t for you then worry not. This ghyll can be enjoyed just as much without doing the big jumps. 



Who does it suit?

Adults only but we will consider older teenagers as long as you think your child is up for it. This ghyll is not to be taken lightly, it is extreme and you will need to be confident in water and fit and able enough to be on the move over rough terrain for 6 hours. The jumps are the main feature and they are excellent, however, the jumps can be avoided if jumping just is not for you. There are plenty small jumps and other things to keep you entertained. Its worth coming just for the views. Once we reach the end point we will exit the ghyll and walk back to the bags to get changed and have our lunch. We will then walk the 45 minute hike back to the cars.


What’s provided:

  • Wetsuit
  • Cag jacket
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene socks
  • All equipment

What to bring:

  • Stiff soled hiking trainers/hiking boots – no slip-on type shoes, plimsolls or crocs
  • Socks for under neoprene socks
  • Swimming costume/trunks or similar
  • Old shorts for over the wetsuit
  • You can also wear a fleece over the wetsuit if you wish for the colder days
  • Towel
  • Dry clothing and shoes
  • Food & drink
  • Rucksack and a bin liner



IMGP0598How long will it last?

This will take no longer than 6 hours, however, the exact time depends on group size and the speed everyone moves through the water and up the gorge.

What time of year?

Late Spring/Summer/Early Autumn.

Typical timeslots:

  • 9-3

IMGP0808   10518968_681003971969696_7066013425325740729_n

Meeting location:

We will meet in the car park of The Woolpack Inn, Hardknott Pass, Eskdale, CA19 1TH. It is likely you will be driving over the Hardknott Pass – this is a narrow, very steep and winding road. Please be aware that there is no mobile reception in this area so don’t rely on using your mobile phone as a satnav. The lack of signal also means that you won’t be able to ring if you are running late and your guide is uncontactable, therefore it is essential you give yourself enough travel time. Failure to get to the location on time is likely to result in you missing your activity and losing your money.





Its got the BIGGEST JUMPS the Lake District has to offer!



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