Devil’s Ghyll – ‘The COLOSSAL One’


Central Fells (secret location)

Time Taken:

5-6 hrs 


Advanced (suitable for fit & confident adults only)

The Location:

Devil’s Ghyll is found in a secret location known only to Crags Adventures. It is quite central meaning it’s quite easily reached from most areas. This imposing ghyll quite literally falls down the side of the valley with some monstrous vertical drops. It has a steep and tiring 40 minute walk-in to reach the start point. Changing will take place in changing tents in the carpark prior to setting off. The ghyll is prone to flooding in times of heavy rain and cannot be entered in spate conditions as it is far too dangerous.

What’s Involved?

From the cars we have a steep gruelling 40 minute walk-in to the start point. From here we will enter the ghyll and descend it, doing battle with its truly colossal waterfalls and vertical drops. Its abseils and slides are the BIGGEST the Lake District has to offer and are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. It really is epic amounts of fun. However, be warned; this ghyll has a dark side – its dangers are ever present, lurking in its depths trying to catch you off guard. Its water will try to pound you into submission weakening your body and mind, its cold will quietly rob you of what little heat and rational thinking you possess and its doomed depths will try to ensnare you. It is a real test of endurance and will power. Do you have what it takes to attempt ‘The COLOSSAL One’?

Who does it suit?

This ghyll is for adults only. You must be deemed fit and able enough. You will be constantly on the move over challenging terrain in cold, deep and fast flowing water for up to 6 hours. Therefore, it is essential you are physically fit, have a high level of endurance, huge amounts of determination, a positive attitude, a strong mind and lots of will-power, as well as a head for heights and confidence in water. If you don’t possess these qualities then it WILL break you. Maximum group size of 4.

What’s provided:

  • Wetsuit
  • Cag jacket
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Neoprene socks
  • All hardware and equipment

What to bring:

  • Stiff soled hiking trainers/hiking boots – no slip-on type shoes, plimsoles or crocs
  • Socks for under neoprene socks
  • Swimming costume/trunks or similar
  • Old shorts for over the wetsuit
  • Towel & dry clothes
  • Any personal medication

How long will it last?

The day is 5-6 hrs, however, the exact time depends on group size and the speed everyone moves through the gorge.

What time of year?

Late Spring/Summer/Early Autumn

Typical timeslots:

  • 9-3

Meeting location:

The exact meeting location will be given upon payment of a deposit. There is usually limited free parking spaces at the location, however, please bring £7 in case we have to pay.



Its got the BIGGEST ABSEILS & SLIDES the Lake District has to offer!


It’s EPIC on a COLOSSAL scale…….. are you?


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